about the reef warriors

Who are the reef warriors ?

We are pirates and poets. We are windsurfer,sailors, kiters, and s.u.p. surfers. We drink rum and play guitars well into the night. We marvel at the sunsets beauty and are amazed by the power of Lake Erie.

We live the hang loose life style of Hawaii. We have a reggae groove,with some Caribbean soul.

 Why are we reef warriors?

After watching the movie Bra Boys, about the surf gangs in Australia, one of our group brought up the idea of forming our own “surf gang”.  Not in the negative way gangs are portrayed, but in the purest form, an extended family. Now we have always watched out for, helped, and encouraged each other, but there was always the tiniest of separation of all our disciplines.  Now we were no longer the Hobie cat guys, or the dudes who kite, or that crazy bunch of windsurfers, or the girls doing paddleboard yoga. We were now reef warriors.

Many idea’s were tossed around  for what we should  call our little ” surf gang”, the reef warrior title stuck. There is a shallow reef where we play and when Mother Nature rile’s up Lake Erie the battle begins. At times you need a warriors determination just to get out through the shore break and swells. There is not one among us who has not broken some equipment or lost some blood to the rocks and zebra mussels on the reef.

Where are the reef warriors?

Our secret spot is on the north shore of Lake Erie, the south coast of Canada.

We are from Buffalo, Niagara Falls, St. Catherine’s, Hamilton, Welland and Rochester.

We  are from Great Britain, Chec Republic, Netherlands the US and Canada.

We have reef warriors in the Outer Banks of North Carolina,the shore’s of British Columbia,  and the beaches of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Follow our exploits and let us know if you are a reef warrior too.

4 thoughts on “about the reef warriors”

  1. Im a reef warrior 2 ! HaHa
    Live in Angola N.Y.
    Name Jeremy Myers
    I Windsurf,kitesurf,Surf,Snowkite,SUP,snowboard,skate
    Im 43 and have been charging Lake Erie and Lake Ontario and Hatteras since I was 13.

  2. Love the discription of who you guys are!
    We had the good fortune of running into one of your guys while staying at Sherkston last week, he directed us to great part of the beach to surf and we enjoyed some great waves Wednesday afternoon. My girlfriend and i were very envious of the sail boarders as we have just gotten back into the sport after taking 15 years or so off due to the constant pull of parrenting obligations. The conditions there were perfect Wednesday, you and your guys must have had an epic session.
    I live in Niagara Falls and had no idea that the conditions were so good there. I have a few friends with trailers there and will be hitting them up to access the resort on windy days. Hopefully we will get a chance to get to know you and the other reef warriors when we’re there.
    Look forward to meeting your band of pirates and poets

    Pura Vida
    Rob Hruska

    1. Rob,
      Thanks for checking in. We have a great bunch of watermen & women here and always looking for new recruits.
      Stop by and introduce yourself next time you are around.

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