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New Reef Warriors Swag!

Hot off the press!  Some new Reef Warriors shirt designs are hitting the street. Amazing job by everyone involved.  You can get them at Da Reef in the usual spots, or drop us a E-mail.

We are working on a Web store in the near future too.  Stay tuned!


Reef Warriors “Endless Summer” Design
Reef Warriors “Just havin Fun” Design

CNC Fins

Casey’s Blog:

 Since I have started to build my own boards now, I naturally have spent a ton of time trying and experimenting with different fins and set-ups. I have found that different foils/shapes make a huge difference, and can really change the characteristic of the board a lot, especially on multi fin set-ups.   It’s a whole lot easier to tune in a single fin that’s for sure. Now learning all that, I wanted to make my Goya quads shred even harder, So Last fall I got my hands on some custom fins made by CNCfins for my Goya quads. I got to talk to the guys at CNCfins a bit at the AWT Hatteras last year. I came away very impressed.  They have some very impressive technology going into the fins they are making, Some of which I have studied and know about myself. So I knew they were not full of marketing B.S. like everybody else.

 Now if anybody knows me, knows A) I have to try everything and B) I am always looking for better performing gear. Now after 6 months of some Real world hardcore testing on these fins, I am “insanely” impressed.  These are the first fins that I have ever tried, that I could actually feel the difference in every situation. With these fins you can feel the board plane up quicker, glide thru lulls that it never did before, it feels faster, points higher, never spins out, holds like a rock in a bottom turn, turns sharper than ever. They freaken feel like these magic wonder fins. They gotta be rum infused or something like that. Hehe!  No really, I know I am probably sounding like an info commercial, but these fins are a huge jump up in performance compared to all the rest of the fins available on the market today.  I have tried most of the other brands fins and was always left disappointed, there never seemed to be much of a noticeable performance gain over the stock fins, and I always felt like I wasted my money.

 These CNCfins will make your multi fin board feel like it has been supercharged, some of the best money I have ever spent. I was so stoked on the fins, I bought a Weed fin for my 122L freeride board on their recommendation. Even though I have always despise all Weed fins, because they have all been so useless since they were invented.  It took just one session, and I couldn’t believe how good the fin worked, It felt just like a fast pointer fin., for the first time in my life I was actually having fun on a weed fin, Very unbelievable. If you sail in a location were you have to use a Weed fin. I highly recommend you get one of these, then do a direct comparison to your current weed fin. I am sure you’ll come away insanely impressed as I was. 

  Check CNC Fins out now!

Goya Demo Boards

Casey’s Blog:

I have some awesome news. In conjunction with Wind-NC and Goya Windsurfing, I will have 2 Brand New 2016 Goya Windsurfing boards available for demo all season, for anyone who would like to try one of the best Windsurfing boards on the planet.  The 2 boards available are the 105L Goya One and 106L Goya Quad. These are the bread and butter sizes and styles for the great lakes. Click on the link for all the info on these 2 boards, 2016 Goya Quad Info  and 2016 Goya One Info. They will be available for demo on Da Reef of course, and hopefully for your local sailing spot if possible. I will also try to get them out to as many spots in the Lake Erie/Ontario region as I can, but if anybody knows me it’s hard to get me away from Da reef. I will be charging a very small $ fee/donation to demo these boards, which I hope will help keep this program going for a long time.

This idea popped into my head last year for some crazy reason, mostly cause for the last five years everybody has been stealing and wanting to try my Goya quads. So I thought what better way to try one of these sticks then at your home local sailing spot?  Purchasing a new windsurfing board is an expensive and hard decision to make, and you usually never get to demo the boards that you are interested in.  So I would like to give a big shout out to Mr. Goya and Andy at Wind-NC, for making this possible. 

Andy got so excited he lost his mind, and is giving all Reef Warriors a %5 Discount on everything he sells, and a %10 Discount on all Goya gear (sails,masts,booms). Just type in coupon code: ReefWarriors for %5 off everything and: ReefWarriorGoya for %10 off all Goya gear at “checkout” @ Wind-NC.Com. Pretty freaken awesome!

If you are interested in trying one of these out please feel free to contact me thru all the regular know channel’s, or email me at

Reef Warriors Rock Wave Jam (recap)

Casey’s Blog:

What a memorable 2015 Hatteras Wave jam!   With 4 Local (Lake Erie) Reef Warriors signing up to compete and take on the very best. We were all on a mission to prove that Reef Warriors rock and will leave no wave un-ridden.

Cam put on one awesome show, even though he is still relatively new to the wind surfing sport (just recently learning to a ride a short board and gybing some). After getting pounded in the Hatteras shore break multiple times, he finally made it out on his longboard.  Using all his Big Wave experience from Da reef, he literally rode the 2 biggest waves of the day, drawing the biggest cheers from the crowd.  Normally he would have scored enough to move on to the next heat, but since he was riding a longboard/Sup the scoring system is less for that. As a result he didn’t get enough points to move on to the next round.  (Tied 17th Amateur/open division)

Sandro entered the always tough masters division. During any contest you need a lot of “luck” to do well and, unfortunately for Sandro, he had no luck. His first heat he made it passed the shore break and scored some nice wave rides and was doing awesome, then the judges abruptly cancelled it mid heat, due to lack of wind/waves???? I didn’t understand that call!  The next day when it was time for his heats, the wind and waves shut down at that particular moment, leaving him getting beat up in the shore break, unable to find any good scoring waves. It was just horrible timing of nature, and zero luck ended his day too early.  As always Sandro keeps on smiling and was more stoked then ever for the experience. His wide grin even scored him a cameo in the AWT event recap video. True Reef Warrior stoke! (Tied 9th Masters division).

Dave was on a mission to kick some wave butt. Since getting some new awesome boards and sails (Goya quads/Severne sails), and the birth of his son Levi (most awesome name ever), Dave’s confidence and shredding ability has improved steadily.  It was really showing on the water as he was catching great waves and attacking the Lip hard. He made it all the way to round 3, where he faced off with (Local Legend/Pro), Donnie Bowers and super (Maui Kid/Pro) Jake schettewi. Despite catching some good waves and rides he just couldn’t pull off the upset. Overall Dave achieved a very impressive showing for just his first contest, and in a division stacked with half pros. (Tied 9th Amateur/open division).

Casey (Myself) What a week! Once again Cape Hatteras provided me with one of the most memorable weeks of my life, second only to the week I got married there to my awesome wife Amanda of course! Hatteras is so special to me just like Da Reef! Both are the ultimate water playgrounds. Again to do well in competition you need tons of luck and wow I was one lucky person! The waves were finding me again and again all week. That’s the hardest part of the whole competition, finding the wave and catching it. Once you’re on the wave it’s just up to your ability. Plus I swear I could feel all the Energy from the Reef Warriors just pushing me along, especially in the “Final” amateur heat. With about 5 min left to go in the heat my gas tank hit zero. I was so tired I barely could stand on the board and I was literally about to give up and just float in the water from exhaustion. Then I thought to myself, “Reef Warriors don’t give up”.  At that point I swear it was like somebody gave me an Adrenalin shot (or kick) in the butt.  I hit a few more tacks and found a sweet wave to ride right under the gun earning enough points to bring home the coveted “Amateur/Open” title back to Da Reef! Just so Stoked. (1st Amateur/open division)

When I heard I received a “wildcard” to the Pro division. I was not really that excited about it for two reasons: One, those guys are freakin insane good, (Best in the world) they are going to kick my ass with their hands tied behind their backs. Second, they usually send the pros out in some stupid gnarly conditions which are not that friendly.  One of the things I have been preaching my whole life is you have to “at least give it try” even if you know you’re going to get your butt kicked.  So I followed what I preach. Lots of the luck again ensued and the conditions at the lighthouse were just like every day at Da Reef so I was able to excel even though it was port tack wave sailing. I was able to pick out some good waves and stay out of trouble for all the heats. After every heat I sailed in downwind and my awesome “Reef Warrior entourage” said I was moving on to the next heat. I couldn’t believe it! And yes, I was the only Pro there who had a “entourage”: A board caddie, a sail caddie and a Rum caddie. You should of seen the look on the faces of the other pros when I walked by them with my entourage after every heat.  Priceless!

When they announced that I made it to the finals it completely caught me off guard. They made the final heat a 20min heat and added a jump to the scoring. I knew I was definitely screwed then. I have never done a major port jump in my life. At that point I decided to just relax and “take in” the moment. It was so cool to be out there sailing with 3 of the world’s best wave sailors in a “final” with the Cape Hatteras lighthouse in the background and with some absolutely awesome sun/cloud scenery. I found a couple of nice waves to ride but couldn’t find a nice ramp that I felt comfortable with to hit so I didn’t end up with any jumping points. Without that I didn’t stand a chance to move past the other 3 pros, so I ended up in 4th Pros/division. Not bad for a farm kid from Buffalo N.Y. who sails on a lake and works 50hrs at a factory every week. Just goes to show ya “you always have to at least give it a try” anything is possible.

That’s a lot of stoke!
Dave Z. crushing the Lip
Sandro setting up for a down the line ride.
Cam Snaking the big waves.
Moondoggie (Casey) doing what he does best, Ride waves!