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New Reef Warriors Swag!

Hot off the press!  Some new Reef Warriors shirt designs are hitting the street. Amazing job by everyone involved.  You can get them at Da Reef in the usual spots, or drop us a E-mail.    https://reefwarriors.wordpress.com/contact-us/

We are working on a Web store in the near future too.  Stay tuned!


Reef Warriors “Endless Summer” Design
Reef Warriors “Just havin Fun” Design

First Flight!

Casey’s Blog:

Well I had a real dream come true!  Today I had my first go flying like a Pelican over Da Reef. This is something I always dreamed of since a kid. Now, with the emergence of Sup/surf foiling, that feeling is possible. It has taken me the last 3 years to get to this point; learning to foil in the different disciplines, building a board that will fly like an airplane yet shred like a surfboard (Mystery machine) and  finding a foil that’s good for the waves.  With some pumping waves on Da Reef it all came together and I flew: Gliding across a wave just like that bird does. What an amazing freaken feeling!

I nailed a couple of good rides during the session. It was just enough to get the feeling (but most of the time I got absolutely pummeled). The learning curve is steep on this one.  I think I bruised internal organs I didn’t even know I had, I definitely have some wicked whiplash and I even snapped a paddle in half.  Looking back at it I am  feeling kind of lucky the carnage to me wasn’t worse.  Ya I might want to get some hockey gear for next session! Can’t freaken wait!

Mystery Machine in SUP FOIL mode. Waaa How Whoaaa, Yup its a Mystery
Another broken Paddle. I am the Undertaker of paddles
Pelican flying on a wave, riding the updraft from the wave. Very Cool

An awesome look at Lake Erie waves

A few posts past Casey wrote about how very few people believe there are waves on the Great Lakes.

Much has been written this subject, we have all seen videos and even feature films such as Unsalted that spread the word of how wonderful the great lakes can be.

A friend sent me this great link which shows the powerful waves we have on Lake Erie.

Take a good look, explore these links and share in the awesomeness that is Lake Erie.

Please check out Dave Sanford the man who took these great shots.

and read the story behind these photos

Waves really?

Casey’s Blog:
Its funny, pretty much every day of my life the surfing topic comes up, and then someone will say “waves on a lake really!” I want to blurt out 😆, they call it a great lake for a reason,they produce some of the best waves in the world, why do you think there is 1000s of shipwrecks on them, do you live in a cave? But I don’t say that, I always nod my head and say yup, it’s got waves 😉.
Look at this upcoming forecast for Da Reef