More labor day paddle updates/ where and how to donate

For any one who wishes to donate directly to Ronald Mcdonald house Hamilton, please contact them at this link or by phone as listed below.

Ronald McDonald House Charities Hamilton
1510 Main St. W.,
Hamilton, ON
L8S 1E3

Tel: (905) 521-9983, Ext. 2200

Charitable Registration #13277 9836 RR0001

and let them know you are donating from the Reef Warriors, and in honor of Radek LaRose.

For every one who is going to paddle with us this Sunday there will be a table set up and manned by Radek and his family.

Thank you all so much for your support, looking forward to seeing a big group out on the lake, let make it epic.

More on The Labor day paddle and donations

Just a quick update:

It has been pointed out to me that I forgot to mention we will be accepting donations for Ronald McDonald house at the Labor day paddle.

Also Radeks parents are setting up an account where you can donate directly. As soon as that is up and running we will pass on the info.

Thanks again for your support in this great cause, and can’t wait to see you on the water next Sunday.

Radek’s story

Hi I am Radek LaRose

I was born December 18, 2014 , a premature baby of two months. IMG_20141218_210850

Along with being premature, I had some other health issues that needed to be addressed. My mom and dad were very nervous but were always right with me, in part due to the help of Ronald McDonald House.

Here is my mom’s story……..At my twenty week ultrasound the doctors noticed a mass growing on the baby’s lower right lung which was diagnosed as BPS (bronchial pulmonary sequestration) and I was told when he reached 5 months of age he would need surgery. As a new mom this was a lot to take in! Knowing that my new baby had to stay at the hospital when we live over an hour away, it was a relief when The Ronald MacDonald House took us in with open arms. This house is run by volunteers and through donations.  It has 40 rooms that house families that have children in the hospital. It’s a place that makes you feel like you are at home. Every morning you have a hot breakfast in order to get you ready to spend the day at the hospital and when you come back there is dinner waiting for you . They provide you with a beautiful room and bathroom, tv , Internet , toiletries and a fully stocked kitchen. There are different rooms to relax in such as a theatre room , games room , comfy living room and even a large kitchen where you can cook and have a family dinner. This was especially nice since Radek was born at Christmas and we were there for the holidays. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to be. On Christmas morning we woke up with a gift basket at the door for Radek made up of all the donations they receive, not only was it amazing to see the love and support but it helped us get through the hard times. After four weeks we were able to go home with our baby boy. Knowing we had to come back for the lung surgery, the Ronald MacDonald House welcomed us once again with the same hospitality and support .

Please help support the Ronald MacDonald house by donating something from their wish list.



As you can see from the photo, Radek is enjoying his time on the beach, just waiting to get big enough to give the rest of the Reef Warriors a run for their money on the waves (especially Uncle Cam!)

Thank you
Love the LaRose family

Calling all Paddlers

Hey all, it is almost Labor day and time for the annual paddle get together.

The weather looks very promising for the long weekend so let’s see if we can get over 100 paddlers of all shapes and sizes.

As of this post, we will plan on Sunday September 6th, 10 a.m. start. So let’s all be on the beach and ready (9:30) to go before then.

Don’t forget life jackets, we don’t need anyone getting a ticket and ruining a fun day.

For all the  followers of this site and the Reef Warrior facebook  page, please help spread the word.


If you are not a Sherkston resident but would like to join the fun please contact me at and we will work out the details to get you to the beach

The sunfish cooler and buffet will be set up in front of Ledge 12 as usual. Gail and I will provide some drinks and snacks. If any one would like to bring something to share it would be greatly appreciated.


Every year we have done this event, someone always asks…”Why do you do this? Is it for charity?So this year we decided to give back and share the Reef Warrior spirit of helping others.

This year we are going to be collecting donations to support Ronald McDonald House .


In the next post ( coming up soon) we will share the story of Radek LaRose, our youngest and bravest Reef Warrior and why Little Radek has chosen to help Ronald McDonald House.

We are going to have a few items to raffle off  and Reef Warrior gear will be for sale, $1 for every hat and shirt will be donated to the cause. Plan on hanging out for a while. It is a great time to meet your fellow paddlers. A few boards will be available for any one interested in trying stand up paddling.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the beach.

Lake Erie Watermen & Women


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