Ianovated Wetsuit Review

Casey’s Blog:

First thing I have to say is, if anybody is looking for a new cold water suit for windsurfing or kitesurfing. You have to consider the  ianovated suit as an option.  I know with the Tubes sticking out, it looks like something out of a Star Trek movie, but it’s no prop. This suit really works.  One of the basic things that impressed me the most is how comfortable it is to wear. It’s a bit loose fitting but nothing like a baggy drysuit. There is absolutely no suit material squeezing your forearms or shoulders, and as a bonus it’s very easy to get in and out of. The Tube system feels just like blowing into a snorkel.  Even if you find you don’t like the tube heating system. The tubes come out and it comes with seamless plugs for the holes. So at the very least you would end up with one of the best cold weather windsurfing suits on the market. That is the worst case scenario.
All I wore underneath was rashy shorts and top. I was always plenty warm in 35-50F temps. The gloves that come with it are open palm gloves and they do a good job of sealing up around the boom to keep the heat in. I found them a good option when the temps were around 50F. For the colder temps I would wear my Dakine mitts, with that combo my hands were always super warm. Such a nice feeling to have warm hands all the time.

There is only one thing that I don’t like about this suit, and that’s the dreaded drysuit zipper to get in and out of it.  They are such a pain in the ass.  If you always have someone around to zip you up then no worries ever. But if you sail alone a lot like I do, it’s such a Hassel to get that zipper closed even with all the tricks of the trade.

Overall this suit is very impressive and surprising, it offers many features all bundled together that no other suit can offer.

Pros: super comfy, very warm, easy in/out and of course the tube heating system for hands.

Cons: dry suit style zipper.


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Andy McKinney showing us action

Goya Demo Boards

Casey’s Blog:

I have some awesome news. In conjunction with Wind-NC and Goya Windsurfing, I will have 2 Brand New 2016 Goya Windsurfing boards available for demo all season, for anyone who would like to try one of the best Windsurfing boards on the planet.  The 2 boards available are the 105L Goya One and 106L Goya Quad. These are the bread and butter sizes and styles for the great lakes. Click on the link for all the info on these 2 boards, 2016 Goya Quad Info  and 2016 Goya One Info. They will be available for demo on Da Reef of course, and hopefully for your local sailing spot if possible. I will also try to get them out to as many spots in the Lake Erie/Ontario region as I can, but if anybody knows me it’s hard to get me away from Da reef. I will be charging a very small $ fee/donation to demo these boards, which I hope will help keep this program going for a long time.

This idea popped into my head last year for some crazy reason, mostly cause for the last five years everybody has been stealing and wanting to try my Goya quads. So I thought what better way to try one of these sticks then at your home local sailing spot?  Purchasing a new windsurfing board is an expensive and hard decision to make, and you usually never get to demo the boards that you are interested in.  So I would like to give a big shout out to Mr. Goya and Andy at Wind-NC, for making this possible. 

Andy got so excited he lost his mind, and is giving all Reef Warriors a %5 Discount on everything he sells, and a %10 Discount on all Goya gear (sails,masts,booms). Just type in coupon code: ReefWarriors for %5 off everything and: ReefWarriorGoya for %10 off all Goya gear at “checkout” @ Wind-NC.Com. Pretty freaken awesome!

If you are interested in trying one of these out please feel free to contact me thru all the regular know channel’s, or email me at facemanz74@live.com

A Key West Intermezzo

Gidget & I have returned, begrudgingly, from Key West after spending 6 awesome days filled with great music, terrific tasty food, spectacular sunsetssunset and lots of fun.

We certainly got our Jimmy Buffett on, with visits to Capt. Tony’s saloon, Sloppy Joes, and the Green Parrot. I had a cheeseburger in paradise at Garbo’s grill, a tiny (and I mean tiny) food cart on Caroline St. and of course had a drink at Louie’s Backyard!IMG_7013

The rich history of Key West blends in  nicely as the cruise ships of today cruise shipcan be seen from the tower where the wreckers watched for ship wrecks on the shallow reefs. The business of salvaging goods and lives were key to the area’s economy.

Earnest Hemingway

Hemingways home
Hemingway’s home

spent a good part of his life here and Key West helped create his legend, from his home filled with 6 toed cats, to his drinking at Sloppy Joes.

Not all of our travels were spent in bars,  restaurants, and museums, which would not make good journalism for a watersports blog now would it.boards

The keys are surrounded by nature and we took a stand up paddle eco trip through a mangrove filled bay where we spotted a nurse shark (I knew right away it was a nurse shark from the hat with the red cross on it)

mangroves DSCN1369 IMG_6978

The ecosystem of the mangroves is quite complex and simple at the same time. Our guide, Elio, did a wonderful job in sharing her knowledge with us.

Eco tour from reef warrior on Vimeo.

A sea slug and horse shoe crab were a couple of inhabitants of the area we got to meet close up, but I thought the Cassiopeia jelly fish were the most amazing sight, Thanks to the crew at Geiger Key Paddle Hut for this great experience.

We had hoped to get a few more paddle trips in but the breeze filled in for a couple of days so there was nothing left to do but rent a Hobie cat for an afternoon sail.

A vacation would not be compete with out a quest for local rums, and our quest lead us to Key West’s Legal Rum Distillery http://www.keywestlegalrum.comIMG_7070

The owner is Paul Menta who is a kite sailing, rum loving, waterman as well as a chef and restaurateur.

We tried all the rums available and brought a few home, a proper rum quest review will be fourth coming.

I need to send out one more acknowledgement and thank you to Shana Walsh of The Otherside boardsports.IMG_6975

A great little shop where Gidget bought a new, much-needed windsurf harness, Shana was of great help and answered all our questions. Check it out if you find yourself on Islamorada.

Key West and the Florida Keys are a great place, full of fun adventures and scenery, the natural beauty of the state parks,  from the nite life of Duval St. to the wild chickens of Key West, where if you look hard enough you may find the answer to one on life most perplexing questions, “Why did the chicken cross the road”

why does the chicken cross the road from reef warrior on Vimeo.


Good Luck Tanner, or Never trust a man with a helmet on his head!

Hobie Sailor and Windsurfing Phenom turning to the Frozen Surface!

Tanner Shepard, emerging sailing and windsurfing superstar, trades in his Chopper for a goalie stick. (yes a new sail and goalie stick do cost the same!) Considered to be a top prospect in todays OHL draft, Tanner has already earned ice time defending the net against current OHL players. But what will the North Bay Battalion think when they find out his off-season past-time is not golf!

AWT Hatteras Wave Jam top 4 Pro Finisher & Amateur Champion,       Casey Treichler,  breathes a sigh of relief that he will keep his throne as the  King of the Reef.cropped-dsc_0067.jpg

Casey stated “We needed some way to get that kid of the water, now without Sasquatch there is room for the rest of the big dogs out there!”


lou tanner wreck1

Lake Erie Hobie Sailing and all around beach legend, the Big Lou-huna is relieved to hear that his spare parts locker will not be diminished this year by the young man know to many as TannerSaurus Wrecks.

Lou’s wife, Gidget, will graciously take care of Tanner’s Hobie 14 and promises not stick it third batten high-unless she is crewing for Tanners younger brother, Ben.



Today is the OHL draft, and one of our young Warriors is among the top goaltending prospects. If he is drafted and chooses to play in the OHL it will severely cut into his Reef time, and his enthusiasm for all the watersports he participates in will surely be missed.

Best of luck today Tanner, may your dreams come true.

That sums me up!

Casey’s Blog:

Yup this image/quote pretty much sums up my life. I’ve been that way since I was born. Ya I am the one going left or I like to think Hitting the Lip!😊 I am the last person who should give advice, but Always think for yourself and never follow the crowd unless there is a dang good reason for it.

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