Hey all,

I know it’s been a long time since you heard from us, but it has not been much of a sailing or surfing summer round here!


Just wanted to let everyone who has participated in our  Labor day paddle fest, that we plan on doing it again this year, with a few added events. ( I hope) More to come on that.

I would also like to let every one know that we have to re-schedule CHILI COOK OFF for the 3rd of October.

Turns out Wave Jam is the last week of September and Casey needs to go back and see if he can be on the podium for the 3rd straight year.

I hope that does not mess up any ones plans, but it seemed to be the best option. I hope you all can still make it, and maybe the change will allow a few guest who don’t usually get here.

Here is a nice sunset photo from last week, just because.boats and gulls

And until we get wind, remember,

Life is short, Drink good rum


Here is another great find, and surprisingly it’s a WHITE rum again. Diplomatico Blanco reserve comes from the great rum brand that we all like very much “Diplomatico” from venezula. Drinking this Rum “straight” it’s silky smooth, with a nice vanilla sweetness upfront that finishes dry and a little warm. When enjoying it on the rocks, it just seemed to get watered down and not open up any more flavor, and of course this would make for a top shelf mixing rum for all mixed rum drinks. End result this bottle gets emptied way too fast! Definitely grab this rum if you can find it!

Liquid Crystal

Casey’s Blog:

Every year before the Lake starts to freeze and after the ice melts, The water gets so clear you think your in some tropical paradise. Until you put your toes into 40f water temp. That always snaps you out of it. This year it’s definitely the clearest I have ever seen it, just like liquid crystal. Here are a couple of neat shots from the other day that really shows the clarity.

The prop


Underwater sun rays


The wreck


Looks like bottom of a pool


No sharks below


Scary clear


Lake Erie Watermen & Women


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