WWF Drone Vid

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Here is a little visual stimuli for you all. A little windsurf wave foiling action for you, taken from the bird in the sky. I think this was taken last year on a average cold breezy day on Lake Erie. Sorry for the cheesy music, like everything these days YouTube sucks and won’t let you post anything for copyright BS. enjoy!

TOP GUN Maverick

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Casey’s Blog: Greetings Reef Warriors its been way too long, but unless you’re living under a rock. The long awaited Top Gun Maverick is finally out and sounds like a another masterpiece. As most of you know Top Gun is my all-time favorite movie, it has had a pretty big influence on me to say the least. I can never get enough of, “The need for speed”, “drinking heavily at a bar” “Playing volleyball/football on the beach” “Jets/missiles” “ flying upside down while giving the bird to the enemy” “Banging the teacher” “best one liners ever created” “best nicknames ever” and last but not least if you don’t go see it, “you will be flying rubber dog shit from Hong Kong”. Love that one. Hahaha I know Top Gun Teddy is ready to go see it. So grab your aviators and enjoy the show.!

WWF Down-winding

Casey’s Blog:

WWF down-winders are one of the most fun and truly special things you can do. I can’t believe I’ve been doing it for almost 5 years now.  There is no better surf foil feeling, than surfing swell and gliding for miles and miles and miles. Plus with WWF’s amazing up wind capabilities and stability you can just do it over and over again all day long or at least until your legs turn into jelly which usually happens first in foil surfing. WWF down-winding just excels in Lakes, Bays, Rivers, etc and Lower winds. Plus as I found out this year it’s even better in higher winds as long as you have a small enough power source like a  2.8- 2.5m etc. Now WWF down-winding is more for the advanced, but it’s definitely the easiest style of foil surfing down winding I’ve ever done. As we all know how easy WWF is on a Top Gun kit.👍 So in due time you’ll be riding swell for miles and your stoke meter will be on overload. 🏄‍♂️😎🤙

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