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Aloha Classic! Its a great time of year.

Casey’s Blog:

It’s that time of year, were you can watch the greatest event of the year, (well at least for a windsurfer). It’s called the Aloha Classic, and it’s pretty much the Super bowl of Windsurfing. Grab your Computer get online and enjoy watching the greatest watermen and women in the world ride some awesome Waves in an arena type atmosphere.
What’s so unique to this event, besides that it’s got some of the best waves in the world, is the amount of elite talent and diversity of the competitors all at one event. There are many, many past champions of this event, super young guns, SUP world champs, Kiteboard designers, surf board shapers, and incredible surfers all competing to win the Super bowl of windsurfing. No other sport in the world can attract such multiple sport athletes, it’s really a testament to how much freaken Fun Wave sailing can be.

forecast looks good for a 5pm E.T. start for the pro heats today, check it out.



5 Water/Wind sports in one day!

Casey’s Blog:

5 sports one day 

I have been scoring soo many great sessions on Da reef this year I think my brain is officially getting water logged. I got this crazy idea a few years ago after seeing Kai Lenny’s video of him doing 4 water/wind sports in one day. Which made me laugh, because I have been doing that when Kai Lenny was in diapers. But since I don’t have huge sponsorships, red bull, and expensive film crews following me around in tropical paradises, it most likely goes unnoticed. No drama I am always up to the challenge of raising the bar, so 5 water/wind sports in one day had to be done. Standup paddle surf, Windsurf, Kitesurf, Hobie 16 sail, and Longboard surf was in the order it got done.

 The hardest part was getting the stars to align, and get the perfect weather day on Da reef and myself not to be at work, which never happens. Well last funday Sunday was the day. It took 12 hours on the water plus some rigging time along with 20GB/10000 pics on the gopro, but I pulled it off.  5 super fun water/wind sports sessions in one day.  Dang that was super fun and there is no better feeling then actually accomplishing a very hard personal challenge. I couldn’t tell you which session was the best, all of them were super fun. Maybe the Hobiecat 16 tops them all that day, probably because it’s been so long since I was maxed out and flying a hull that seemed like forever. I had to be my own film crew so my gopro session got a work out. It was pretty cool, I ended up using 5 different kinds of sport specific mounts to cover the action and get a great shot of each. I really had to use all the toys to pull this day off.

Hmmm I wonder what crazy idea is going to pop in my head next?

Time for a Great Big Thank You

I just want to get a quick post up to thank everyone who participated and donated in today’s paddle. We had 118 people sign the “guest book”.  We raised over $700 for the Ronald McDonald house Hamilton. Great job one and all.

Radek and his family want to share a warm thank you as well, they were overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity.

Thank you to all the paddlers today, the exact on water count is unclear but there were at least 60 paddlers. The conditions were a bit tough but everyone got out and back seemingly unscathed.

A shout out to Dave for sharing his time and providing the chase boat, which helped out a few of you when the waves got the best of you.

As always a big thanks to Tod for the seadoo, Tod drives the camera man, or in today’s case, camera woman around during the event.

Thanks to Christina our official “Reef” camera woman. Christina gave up her board today and took photos.

Great job!!

I also wish to thank Mark, who added his drone copter/camera man to the action. Awesome footage. Thanks again!!



Thanks to Ben and Tanner for sharing their sunfish which served as the buffet and wet bar today.

Thanks to every one who brought some goodies to share and all those who helped get them to the boat buffet and ready for all the hungry paddlers. By the way, I tried everything and it was all good.

Thanks to Jacie and Jordy for helping Aunt Gail mind the store.

Special thanks to Darrel and Laurie for the donation of the goodies used in today’s raffle. We missed you on the water, but your generosity was appreciated.

Thanks go out to Rob as well for his additions to the raffle.

Thanks to Ken at Ledge 14 for allowing us to use his site for the group pic.IMG_3190

I hope I did not miss any one, but if I did this is a big THANK YOU for everything.


You all showed the Reef Warrior spirit of supporting each other that helps create the special bond we all share.

As someone once said ” Reef Warriors Rock”


Calling all Paddlers

Hey all, it is almost Labor day and time for the annual paddle get together.

The weather looks very promising for the long weekend so let’s see if we can get over 100 paddlers of all shapes and sizes.

As of this post, we will plan on Sunday September 6th, 10 a.m. start. So let’s all be on the beach and ready (9:30) to go before then.

Don’t forget life jackets, we don’t need anyone getting a ticket and ruining a fun day.

For all the  followers of this site and the Reef Warrior facebook  page, please help spread the word.


If you are not a Sherkston resident but would like to join the fun please contact me at and we will work out the details to get you to the beach

The sunfish cooler and buffet will be set up in front of Ledge 12 as usual. Gail and I will provide some drinks and snacks. If any one would like to bring something to share it would be greatly appreciated.


Every year we have done this event, someone always asks…”Why do you do this? Is it for charity?So this year we decided to give back and share the Reef Warrior spirit of helping others.

This year we are going to be collecting donations to support Ronald McDonald House .


In the next post ( coming up soon) we will share the story of Radek LaRose, our youngest and bravest Reef Warrior and why Little Radek has chosen to help Ronald McDonald House.

We are going to have a few items to raffle off  and Reef Warrior gear will be for sale, $1 for every hat and shirt will be donated to the cause. Plan on hanging out for a while. It is a great time to meet your fellow paddlers. A few boards will be available for any one interested in trying stand up paddling.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the beach.