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5 Water/Wind sports in one day!

Casey’s Blog:

5 sports one day 

I have been scoring soo many great sessions on Da reef this year I think my brain is officially getting water logged. I got this crazy idea a few years ago after seeing Kai Lenny’s video of him doing 4 water/wind sports in one day. Which made me laugh, because I have been doing that when Kai Lenny was in diapers. But since I don’t have huge sponsorships, red bull, and expensive film crews following me around in tropical paradises, it most likely goes unnoticed. No drama I am always up to the challenge of raising the bar, so 5 water/wind sports in one day had to be done. Standup paddle surf, Windsurf, Kitesurf, Hobie 16 sail, and Longboard surf was in the order it got done.

 The hardest part was getting the stars to align, and get the perfect weather day on Da reef and myself not to be at work, which never happens. Well last funday Sunday was the day. It took 12 hours on the water plus some rigging time along with 20GB/10000 pics on the gopro, but I pulled it off.  5 super fun water/wind sports sessions in one day.  Dang that was super fun and there is no better feeling then actually accomplishing a very hard personal challenge. I couldn’t tell you which session was the best, all of them were super fun. Maybe the Hobiecat 16 tops them all that day, probably because it’s been so long since I was maxed out and flying a hull that seemed like forever. I had to be my own film crew so my gopro session got a work out. It was pretty cool, I ended up using 5 different kinds of sport specific mounts to cover the action and get a great shot of each. I really had to use all the toys to pull this day off.

Hmmm I wonder what crazy idea is going to pop in my head next?

Buffalo Paddle fest 2016

I would like to let everyone know about the Buffalo Paddle fest, which is taking place next Friday & Saturday August 19th & 20th.

Gail, Jim and I participated last year in this  fun event.

Click here for all the info.

Hope to see you all there!

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Buffalo Paddle Festival Buffalo’s largest paddle sports race! The Buffalo Paddle Festival takes place on August 19 – 20, 2016 at beautiful Woodlawn Beach State Park in Hamburg, NY. The Buffalo Paddle Festival is a 2-day community expo celebrating Health and Wellness, Outdoor Recreation, and promoting Environmental Stewardship all while showcasing the unique Waterscapes of Buffalo NY and its surrounding area.

This year we have partnered with Woodlawn Beach State Park to introduce visitors to one of Buffalo’s nearby waterfront treasures. Join us Friday August 19, 2016 for Beach Camping at Woodlawn Beach State Park and enjoy a fun night in prep for a full day of paddle activities! Race Day, Saturday August 20, 2016, will include SUP and Kayak Demos, a variety of Fitness Classes, a Pig Roast and Craft Brew After Party, finishing with Live Bands and a Bonfire on the Beach! Proceeds from the event will benefit Kids Escaping Drugs and Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper!

Coast Guard S.U.P. Rules

Last weekend I noticed the aqua cops (regional police boat) stopping a number of jet skis, checking for safety and boaters cards. With the amount of sup’s here at the reef and that big North Shore SUP event coming up I thought it might be a good time to answer questions about  SUP safety.

Last summer I was told some sup-ers here on Lake ESuper SUP (5)rie have been warned/ reminded that a pfd (personal floatation device) is required on the sup, which has led to many questions about the rule.

I hope the info I provide will help inform and educate you so you can make a wise decision next time you are out on the water.

Transport Canada, like the United States Coast Guard, classifies Stand Up Paddleboards as human powered vessels when they are being used for navigation. When being used within the surf zone for surfing activities these requirements are not in force. When undertaking a trip or circuit such as a group crossing or solo outing, this is considered navigation.             

                As human powered vessels, Stand Up Paddleboards are subject to all carriage requirements, including lifejackets. There must be one Canadian approved lifejacket or personal floatation device available on board and available for immediate use. There are many PFD options available for ease of use, such as waist-pack inflatables (a popular choice among competitive rowers, who are also short on space and require a broad range of movement) or low profile paddling

This is the safe way
This is the safe way


                While we have received many requests for the consideration of a leash in lieu of a PFD, Transport Canada does not recognize the leash/paddleboard combination as a floatation device. The department has received many inquiries from Stand Up Paddleboarders regarding Section 4 (Substitute Safety Equipment) of the Small Vessel Regulations. This part is intended to provide like-to-like exemptions, for example for police marine units to make use of tactical PFDs, or for small commercial charter vessels to carry high buoyancy PFDs in place of small vessel lifejackets.      Transport Canada supports leash use, but not as an alternative to a lifejacket or personal floatation device       


So with all that offical stuff being said, it is probably a wise choice to have your pfd on the board if you do not wish to wear it. Probably also a good choice to have a whistle along too. We are all adults and can make our own wise choices. Be smart and safe and that should keep the aqua cops away.


Here are some other links to look at:

If you would prefer to not wear your life jacket but would like a pfd on board Body Glove offers an inflatable option which I found at this link .

Lets paddle