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rum quest month week 2

This week we will explore some fine dominican rums from Ron Barcelo

1st up is:

Ron Barcelo Anejo

A light gold color

It has a spicy nose, hints of cinnamon.

this rum is very smooth, little or no burn going down, it is warm.

there is a taste of caramel and ginger. a light smokeyness and oak from the barrel.

Casey’s Take: This rum is a little above average! Nothing stood out in it, to make you say wow. Would make a really great mixing rum! I give a 5/10

this is a top shelf rum

Ron Barcelo Grand Anejo

Darker than the anejo

Similar characteristics  to the anejo has a little more bite and spice sweet honey,

smoother finish with enhanced flavors. Fuller richer flavor.

Casey’s Take: This rum is very tasty. Opt to spend the extra couple bucks and get this one over the regular Anejo. I give it a 7/10

another top shelf rum

This is the closest to a web site I could find

also on tap is:

Travellers Gold from Belize

A coworker of Casey was kind enough to bring us a bottle of this rum over the summer.

This is a truly uniquie rum.

A very light gold color,this rum treats the senses.   A sweet spicey vanilla and brown sugar nose, maybe a hint of honey. nice and warm and spicey on the tonuge, with a flavor that is hard to pinpoint at the finish. after many tastings and discussions and some research, we agree that the flavor is tomatoe. A pleasent  earthiness and a clean and smooth finish. Sorry we can’t help locate this rum, but if you or anyone you know is heading to belize, pick some up at the duty free.

Casey’s Take: This rum is crazy good. I am not positive, but i think this rum is stupid cheap. Which makes this rum by far the best value rum in the world,its in a league of it own. It is sooo good. Its very top shelf for like 3 bucks a bottle in Belize. If you can get you hands on this stuff buy it in mass quantities. I give it 9.5 out of 10!

This link is for Travellers Rum, but I could not seem to find the Gold. Possibliy only availible at duty free?