Rum List and Reviews

Here is our list of the rums we have tried. We are constantly discovering new rums and adding them to the list. You can click on the name of a highlighted rum to go directly to its review.

We use a very simple rating system, that is noted in each reveiw

keep locked up……..only share with those who will truly appreciate

top shelf……………….very good, only sippers

bar shelf……………….keep around for mixed drinks or to be used in educating the uninitiated

below the bar…………used for mixers only

not our style………….just because we don’t care for it, does not mean it is bad

1 Barrel rum
3 Barrel rum
Travlers Gold

Admiral Rodney/St. Lucia

Anniversario Pampero
Angostura 1919

Angostura 1824
Appleton V/X
Appleton 30 year
Appleton Estate 12 year
Appleton Reserva
Atlantico Private Cask

Bacardi Anejo
Bacardi Ron Solara

Bacardi Torch Cherry/Puerto Rico
Barcelo Anejo
 Barcelo Gran Anejo
Barcelo Imperial

Blackwell Fime Jamacian rum
Brugal Anejo Dominican Rum
Brugal 1888

Chairman’s Reserve/StLucia

Cane and Abe/USA
Cartavio XO
Captain Morgan Dark
Captain Morgan Original Spice
Captain Morgan Private Stock

Captain Morgan Lime Bite

Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Lime
Captain Morgan Tattoo
Castaway Cove
Cockspur 12 year

Colorado Montanya Oro

Cruzan Black Strap
Cruzan 2 year
Cruzan 9 Spice
Cruzan Single Barrel

Depaz Blue Cane Rhum

Diplomatico Ambassador/Venezuela
Diplomatico Anejo
Diplomatico Reserva

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva
Dos Maderas PX 5+5 year/Spain

Dos Maderas 5+3/Spain
Don Q Anejo
Doorly’s XO Barbados Rum

Dzama rum

El Dorado cuba Libre 21 year
El Dorado English Harbour 5 year
El Dorado 12 year
El Dorado 15 year
El Dorado 21 year

El Dorado Single Barrel EHP

El Dorado Single Barrel ICBU
English Harbour 10 year
English Harbour 5 year


Fire in da Hole Erotic Rum
Flor de Cana Gran Reserve 7 year

Flor de Cana Centenario Gold 18 yr

Four Square Spiced Rum

Gosling’s Black Seal
Gosling’s Gold

Gosling’s Family Reserve

Havana Club Anejo Reserva
Havana Club White
Havana Club 7 year

Homere’ Cle’ment/Marinique
Hudson River Rum

Kilo Kai

Koloa Dark Rum
Kraken Black Spiced

LaFavorite Dark 3 year
LaFavorite Habitation Gold

Lamb’s Black Sheep

Matusalem 10 year Classico
Matusalem Gran Reserva 15yr
Matusalem 18yr
Myers Legend 10
Mount Gay Eclipse
Mount Gay Extra Old
Mount Gay 1703
Montecristo 12yr
Montecristo Spiced/Guatemala

Neisson Reserve Speciale

Old Monk
Old New Orleans Cajun Spiced/USA
Old New Orleans 10 year


Oronoco mojito
One Barrel

Plantation Grande Reserve 5 year
Pritchard’s Cranberry
Pritchard’s Fine Rum
Pusser’s Navy Rum
Pusser’s 15 year

Pyrat Cask 1623

Pyrat Pistol

Pyrat XO Reserve

Rhum Barbancourt 8 year
Rhum Barbancourt 15 year
Rhum Barbancourt 15 year Reserva
Rhum Clement VSOP Rum

R.L. Seale 10yr

Roaring Dans Maple Flavored rum/USA/ Milwakee

Rogu Hazelnut Spiced Rum
Ron Abuelo Anejo
Ron Abuelo 12 year Gran Reserve
Ron Abuelo Centuria
Ron Barcelo Imperial

Ron Centeario Anejo Especial 7 yr./Costa Rica 
Ron Centenario Conmemorativo Reserva

Ron Centenario Fundicion XXanos-Reserva Especial
Ron Millonario Solera 15 year
Ron Zacapa XO
Ron Zacapa 15 year
Ron Zacapa 23 year

Saint James Depuis 1765 Extra Old
Saint James Black Label

Sailor Jerry

Sailor Jerry pork chop recipe
Santa Theresa 1796

Sea Wynde
Starr Ultra Superior
Scarlet Ibis

The Lash Spiced Rum
Tommy Bahama Golden Sun

Vizcaya VXOP Cask 21/Dominican Republic

Westerhall Estate

Zaya Gran Reserva
Zafra Master reserve 21 year

10 Cane


Angostura 1824
Product of Trinidad and Tobago
I received this rum as a Christmas gift.
It comes in a very nice numbered bottle, with a wax seal around the cork and a medallion on the bottle.
From Trinidad and Tobago, this rum is a nice amber color. The tag on the bottle suggests aromas of vanilla, orange zest, honey, raisins and spices. Promises of spices and herbal notes on the palate and a long sweet finish filled me with hope that this would be a wonderful gift.
I broke the seal and poured it into a glass, not getting the nose I anticipated, I found an oily, woody aroma with a hint of spice. The taste test gave me an oily taste on the tongue, followed by vanilla with a little honey, not bad, but not what I had hoped. The finish was smooth but oily and some honey undertones that stick in your mouth. I believe this rum is top shelf rum but as with some others my palate may not be trained enough to truly appreciate its complexity 12/26/10 lm
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Cockspur 12 year
Product of Barbados
After a tough week at work for both of us we decieded to uncork a new rum to help wash away the week. A simple bottle, a simple label, a very classy rum. Deep amber to caramel colored, this rum has long slow legs. The nose was full of cinnamon, a buttery toffee and a fruit we could not narrow down, maybe cherry?
The first sip overwhelmed the taste buds with charred wood, followed by a warm lasting tingle on the back of the throat, which becomes a cinnamon finish. Adding an ice cube opened up the smokeyness and mellowed the charred wood flavor. I also thought the cube thickened the taste, brought out a tobacco flavor and made it oily. Gail felt the cube opened up a creamy/vanilla nose and finish.
This is a top shelf rum.  Very classy.
Lm 5/6/11
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Cruzan Black Strap
Product of the Island of St. Croix
The color of this rum is very dark merlot or even coffee color. The nose has hints of caramel. The palate is full of flavors. Charcoal, smokey burnt wood and nutty flavors can all be picked out. Our tasters all felt this is a good dessert rum, an end of the night cordial type of drink. Black Strap would fill in if you were out of Gosling’s for a dark and stormy or any other coktail that calls for a dark rum. Keep this on your bar shelf. LM 3/14/11
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Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva
Product of Venezuela
You are greeted by a sweet, smoky, nutty nose. Cinnamon, caramel and chocolate are the immediate flavors noted. It has a smooth sweet finish that lingers, lick your lips for that last taste of chocolate and caramel. This is one of my favorite rums. It is good enough to keep under lock and key yet it is something you want to keep more easily accessible from the top shelf. GM 3/26/11
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El Dorado Single Barrel EHP
Product of Guyana
This was a very intriguing rum. Neither the scents nor the flavors were particulary identifiable. I would credit this to a very well blended rum. The other thing I found interesting about this rum was the smell did not match at all with the taste. You could have two very different experiences depending on how you explore this rum. This is definitely a slow study and when I find it again I will study it very carefully until I am no longer perplexed. GM 3/17/11
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El Dorado Single Barrel ICBU
Product of Guyana
Deep golden amber color. Floral, evergreen and sugary scents emerged. It was smooth and sweet and the flavors lingered. One cube made it very buttery and smoky. This one makes it onto my top shelf. GM 3/17/11
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Product of USA, St. George Spirits
This rum is only available at Smuggler’s Cove in SanFrancisco. It is made of California sugar cane from Almeda by the St. George Distillery. It is a deep golden color. Smelling this rum is like smelling chocolate chip cookie batter-butter, brown sugar and vanilla. It has slight tingle on the tongue but then those flavors noted come through. It is smoky and buttery and is warm going down. One ice cube smoothed it some and brought out the smokeyness. If it was available I would have to make it a bar shelf rum just because it was just a little harsh as a sipper.GM 3/26/11
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Fire in da Hole Erotic Rum
Product of Bahamas
While visiting our friends Tom and Cheryl in the Bahamas, well before we started the Rum Quest we are on now, we found this rum in the local liquor store and had to try it just based on the name. We did not try it straight but did mix it into a batch of daiquiris. All we know is after drinking a pitcher (or maybe two) of these we found ourselves scouring a phone book to try to find a pizza. Yes there is Domino’s in the Bahamas. And thank goodness there are places to buy more aspirin too-we needed it in the morning! As for the erotic part we definitely missed something! GM 3/26/11
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Flor de Cana Centenario Gold 18 yr
Product of Nicaragua
While in an area we do not normally frequent Gail and I decieded to check out a small liquor store near by. Not a great rum selection, but we did stumble upon this treasure. A nice dark gold color, in a elegant squatty bottle. The nose is coffee, vanilla and almond. The first taste is smooth woody peppery blend followed by a smooth rich, coffee nutty flavor. On some sips there is a more chocolatey taste and on others a smoky, leathery taste. The finish is surprising with a fruity sweetness. A very complex rum. Very warm and smooth in the throat. A nice rum, top shelf.    3/24/11  lm
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Four Square Spiced Rum
Product of Four Square Rum Distillery, St. Phillips, Barbados
Blended and produced by R.L.Seale&Co, LTD.
This is truly a spiced rum. It has the flavors of those ginger cookies from Grandma we all remember, only better because now it is a rum! Intense flavors of nutmeg, ginger and bitter orange come through in both the nose and palate. It has a slight burn up front but a nice warmth as it goes down. It can be a little harsh neat but one ice cube smooths it out nicely. A light goldish amber color with unremarkable legs. Unfortunately is difficult to find at liquor stores at this time. Definitely a top shelf rum.GM 3/14/11
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Gosling’s Black Seal
Product of Bermuda
As it name eludes to, it is a very dark reddish brown rum. Oak and toffee come through in both the nose and on the tongue. If you are very patient you can even figure out a surprising but unique flavor, that is tomato. Once you discover it you cannot miss it. Be sure to enjoy the pleasure of a dark stormy (1 part Gosling’s Black Seal to 2 parts ginger beer)-it is what makes this rum famous. Keep this on your bar shelf. GM 3/26/11
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Gosling’s Family Reserve
Product of Bermuda
I received this rum as a birthday present. The presentation was beautiful, the wax sealed and stamped bottle in wooden crate with the name branded on the side. The bottle was as dark as the rum inside. Believe it or not it is an even darker richer version of the Black Seal. This rum takes all the good flavors Black Seal is know for and intensifies them while leaving behind the burn. To enhance the experience of tasting this rum try sipping it while eating some semi-sweet chocolate chips-hey-it was all that was left after my double chocolate rum birthday cake. Definitely a top shelf rum. GM 3/26/11
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Kilo Kai
When I brought this bottle of rum for our testers we were all quite excited. A cool black bottle with a unique label design we could not wait to pour some. The color was reddish amber with nice legs. The nose was very perfume-y, flower-y with some caramel. The palate was very sweet with cherry and nutmeg upfront and more sweetness, to some testers this rum was too sweet. The finish was smooth and nice. The testers were all over the place with tastes and thoughts. Caramel apple as well as apricot were noticed. A flowery taste was also mentioned. Never was spice tasted although this is considered a spiced rum. Most of our group was disappointed in Kilo Kai, but Randy, who has a sweet tooth the size of Brazil loved it. Keep this rum on your bar shelf and find some things to mix it with and you will make some good cocktails. LM 3/14/11
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Lamb’s Black Sheep
Product of England
Also at Steve and Sara’s, we had the opportunity to try this rum. This is like a cinnamon bun in liquid form with the sweet icing and all. Needed an ice cube to really enjoy it. You may find us enjoying this with a cup of coffee in the morning when we don’t make it to the bakery! Keep this on your bar shelf. GM 3/26/11
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Product of Brazil
Clear white rum packaged in an attractive stamped leather wrapped bottle. Being a fan of dark rums, there was some skepticism about this rum. It has a fruity, nutty nose. Each taste seems to bring a differnet flavor from sugar cane to almonds adn even awell toasted marshmallow. Very smooth especially with one cube. Makes a great classic Mojito. A great bar shelf rum. GM 3/14/11
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Pyrat Cask 1623
Product of Anguilla. Bottled by Patron
Pure nirvana, the finest rum we have experienced thus far. It left all the tasted speechless as we basked in the perfection. This rum comes packaged in a beautiful black walnut box with Hoti emblem stamped into the lid. All Pyrat rums come with a Hoti medallion which is the patron saint of fortune tellers and bartenders. The aroma leapt from the bottle once it was uncorked filling the air with citrus and overipe fruit. The first thing you notice as it is poured is its dark color and wonderful thick legs. The aromas unleashed upon opeing are magnified in your glass. Sweet honey, citrus, apricot, as well as a hint of oak give all your taste buds a treat. The finish is lllooonnnggg and sssmmmooottthhh. The flavors stay with you for a very long enjoyable time. This is a blend of rums aged up to 40 years in oak. Keep this rum under lock and key, share only with those who can appreciate truly fine rum. THIS IS WHY WE QUEST!
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Pyrat XO
Pyrat XO Reserve
Product of Anguilla. Bottled by Patron
One of my favorites. Dark golden color. Great rum legs. Sweet fruity nose. Tastes of honey, citrus, apricot and spices. Sweet, smooth finish with the citrus and honey very dominant. comes with yellow ribbon and Hoti medallion wrapped around the bottle. Frequently packed in unique cases such as a library quality book or round mahogany box. Put this on your top shelf. If you like to mix your rums, try it with Dr. Pepper or cherry cola and taste the flavors emerge.LM 3/14/11

Update 3/15/14

provided by pyrat dave

Enjoying a nip of pyrat tonight, and Tui & I discovered a black licorice / sambuca flavour after the fruit disappeared. Just before you get the charred oak/vanilla finish. Was introduced to pyrat over 4 yrs ago and never caught the anise. Love the list of islands & distilleries. Ron es magnifico!
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R.L. Seale 10yr
Product of Barbados
Went to a get-together at Steve and Sara’s last weekend and got to sample a bottle of this rum straight from the distillery in Barbados. A very good rum. Dark in color, full of flavor. Peppery, nutty and maybe cinnamon. Smooth, buttery finish. We need to explore this rum further, I hope there will be some left when we get together again.    Top shelf.    3/24/11   lm
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Ron Centenario Fundicion XX anos Reserva Especiale
Product of Costa Rica
An eye catching bottle first drew me to this rum. It is a very dark rum with good legs. A strong cinnamon smell leads off the nose. The first taste is very chocolately, followed by oak undertones. I get a hint of cherry although it is more likely cinnamon. A smooth buttery finish with a hint of toffee rounds out this rum. A new favorite for sure. Top shelf all the way but I am going to keep my bottle under lock and key.LM 3/14/11
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Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
“Damn you sailor Jerry”, who among us has not muttered these words at one time or another. An overproof rum, Sailor Jerry sure packs a kick. The inside label comes with what I call “Sailor Jerry Girls” tattoo artwork. You will need to drink a fair amount of this for the girls to be revealed, hence the earlier quote. A light gold color with good legs. Truly spicey with hints of ….. and a warm spicey finish that leaves a little burn. A good bar rum, drink it straight, on the rocks or with mixers. LM 3/14/11
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Sea Wynde
Product of Jamaica, Guyana and the U.K.
While shopping at my favorite Rum Quest liquor store, the Sea Wynde bottle caught me eye- a tall bottle with a stamped metal label. The rum itself is a light golden color. It is a blend of 5 pot-stilled rums from aged casks.  A pot -stilled rum, which I find, leaves a rather oily finish of which I am not a fan. I did note that it was better after food. If I was one to enjoy a cigar with rum, I believe this would be the one I would choose. This rum is not my style but given high marks in other reviews. LM 3/14/11
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6 thoughts on “Rum List and Reviews”

  1. Lou,
    Have you tried the Ma Doudou (brand) “Punch au Rhum” varieties? They’re definitely not top-shelf, but interesting desert/aperitif infused rums, made on the island of St. Martin. Ya gotta like sweet in this case. Several of the restaurants serve a Banane Vanille after dinner, but they’ve got passion fruit, coconut, mango, etc.

  2. Don’t know if it’s available in the US. They do sell it at the duty free shops in the airport. The bottle I bought in St. Martin doesn’t have any kind of a liquor control sticker.

    1. thanks, i will certainly look into finding some. i found some info on this rum last nite and it is interesting for sure. you could send some up next time you are in st maritn.

  3. Enjoying a nip of pyrat tonight, and Tui & I discovered a black licorice / sambuca flavour after the fruit disappeared. Just before you get the charred oak/vanilla finish. Was introduced to pyrat over 4 yrs ago and never caught the anise. Love the list of islands & distilleries. Ron es magnifico!

    1. Dave
      thanks for the info, I will update the Pyrat review.
      I am sure as our palates become more refined we will discover new things in all of our old favorites. I am glad you spell anise correctly or I would have wondered just what you were up to before you got into the rum!

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