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Rum Quest Wednesday’s

We are going to try a little different approach with our rum reviews, let us know how you like it, in the past we tried a rum, made notes, and waited until we had enough time to get the info on the rum page. Great in theory, bad in practice. Never found the time to stay caught up.

Now, by posting our thoughts on the blog, you, our rum loving followers, will be kept better informed (we hope). This format should allow us to then clean up the post and add it to the rum page when time permits.

Also for the new year we are going to try rum quest Wednesday’s.

I can’t promise a new rum review every Wednesday, but I will promise when there is a review it will be posted on Wednesday, hence rum quest Wednesday.

With all that said, let us try this out.

Casey and Amanda came over the other night for a visit and to try some rum.

They brought with them Blackwells rum, and tales from Thanksgiving in Hatteras.

Gail and I supplied  Brugal 1888 and some Pyrat Cask 1623.

Blackwell Fine Jamaican rum

I must be honest and straight to the point, not one of our favorites. The nose, taste and finish was very strong of molasses. Maybe a hint of spice on the palate but nothing memorable at all. This rum could be used in a dark and stormy in place of a black strap rum. Unfortunately we did not have any ginger beer around to test this theory. I thought that you could make good use of this rum in baking rum cakes and cookies. This chore is on Amanda, sno-day cookies! yum!

this rum is not our style.

Brugal 1888

dominican republic

Gail picked this up awhile back and it sat on our shelf for some time before we got around to opening it. Packaged in a blue elegant box, once opened the bottle itself was simple and elegant much like the rum inside. This rum is aged 5-14 years.

One of the darkest amber colored rums we have encountered thus far.  A sweet, smoky woody nose greets you. A well balanced yet complex flavor awaits. Tastes of oak, caramel, and fruit sweetness come through. There is a slight oiliness to the finish but not so much to detract from the taste.A truly sophisticated rum, rich, smooth, smoky.

Casey’s Take: It’s very complex with lots of flavors going on which is the best part of this rum. the finish is a little oily though that’s it’s only negative. overall it’s very tasty and pretty smooth. 8/10

top shelf rum all the way

Finally, Pyrat 1623.

We have enjoyed this before, it has set the standard for all rums we taste.  Again we were apprehensive based on the cost- would this rum still deliver? The answer is a resounding YES!

The citrus nose and taste were more abundant, this may be due to differences in each bottle or due to the fact we enjoyed this indoors this time (our first bottle was enjoyed on a warm summer night out on our deck). The  lemon especially came to the front. A little more fruity then some remembered but definitely as smooooooooooth as we all remembered. See previous review already included on the rum page. Still amazing-something to be savored with the best of friends on those special occasions (and yes we do make up special occasions!)