Goya Demo Boards

Casey’s Blog:

I have some awesome news. In conjunction with Wind-NC and Goya Windsurfing, I will have 2 Brand New 2016 Goya Windsurfing boards available for demo all season, for anyone who would like to try one of the best Windsurfing boards on the planet.  The 2 boards available are the 105L Goya One and 106L Goya Quad. These are the bread and butter sizes and styles for the great lakes. Click on the link for all the info on these 2 boards, 2016 Goya Quad Info  and 2016 Goya One Info. They will be available for demo on Da Reef of course, and hopefully for your local sailing spot if possible. I will also try to get them out to as many spots in the Lake Erie/Ontario region as I can, but if anybody knows me it’s hard to get me away from Da reef. I will be charging a very small $ fee/donation to demo these boards, which I hope will help keep this program going for a long time.

This idea popped into my head last year for some crazy reason, mostly cause for the last five years everybody has been stealing and wanting to try my Goya quads. So I thought what better way to try one of these sticks then at your home local sailing spot?  Purchasing a new windsurfing board is an expensive and hard decision to make, and you usually never get to demo the boards that you are interested in.  So I would like to give a big shout out to Mr. Goya and Andy at Wind-NC, for making this possible. 

Andy got so excited he lost his mind, and is giving all Reef Warriors a %5 Discount on everything he sells, and a %10 Discount on all Goya gear (sails,masts,booms). Just type in coupon code: ReefWarriors for %5 off everything and: ReefWarriorGoya for %10 off all Goya gear at “checkout” @ Wind-NC.Com. Pretty freaken awesome!

If you are interested in trying one of these out please feel free to contact me thru all the regular know channel’s, or email me at facemanz74@live.com

8 thoughts on “Goya Demo Boards”

  1. Jonesing for some time on the water, as I’m currently landlocked in Changchun, China for a coupe more weeks. Worth a trip to da Reef just to check these out.

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