Naish “Lift Foil Sail” Review.

Casey’s Blog:

I have been riding the naish “Lift” Foil specific sail for over a year now and it really seems to be the perfect foil sail, especially for WWF(Windsurf Wave Foiling).  I can definitely recommend this sail to anyone looking to step up their windsurfing foiling fun factor.

Is a foil-specific sail worth it?. When you’re learning no, but once you start to get better at foiling, it’s soooooo worth it. For all types of wind foiling (other then racing) you want lots of low end sail power to get you on foil then once you’re on a foil all you need is like  20% sail power to keep ya going. If you have too much sail power when foiling it gets very hard to control the foil. That is why when WWF I am usually using 2m less sail size then a normal windsurfing kit.

OK, now on to why the Naish Lift is so awesome for foiling and WWF.  First, it’s so freaken light and most of the time when I am uphauling in light winds that makes my back very happy. Second, it feels soo light in the hands with all that power down low and I feel like I am sailing nothing. I can sail this thing for hours without a harness which is pretty cool. Third, is the power you get when you pump the Lift. I mean you get Mega power out of this sail. With 2-3 pumps and I am flying in an instant and once on foil all that power disappears into a super easy handling/balanced lightweight rig=Perfect.

I have been using the 5.7 in 6-12knts and the 4.7 in 10-20knts.  Rigging is super easy. Set the downhaul to recommended settings with a tight leech. There is very little downhaul required. That’s one of the things that makes this sail special.  Also, you can use any manufacture mast on it and it should work pretty well because of this reason.  The outhaul is your “power setting” on this sail.  I will adjust this a lot depending on conditions anywhere from manufacture settings to -8cm of manufacture settings. For example, in 6-10knts the 5.7 manufacture setting is 194cm for the outhaul and I will set it at 186cm. What that does is it really bags the sail out and gives me uber low end pumping power to get going in light winds. It works amazingly well! That is why I don’t ever need a sail bigger then this 5.7 Naish Lift for WWF.

Who is this sail for?

  • Peeps into Freeride Wind Foiling.
  • Windsurf Wave Foilers
  • People who like ultra lightweight sails.
  • People who like ultra lightweight easy handling sails.
  • Sailors who don’t mind giving a couple sail pumps to get on foil.
  • Sailors who don’t want to buy a new mast
  • People who want to have more fun foiling.

Of course if anyone is looking to pull the trigger on a Naish Lift, Our fellow Reef Warrior friends at can get you one to your door Asap, with all the Reef Warrior discounts of course.!   Naish Lift Wind-NC Buy



Cam flying the Naish Lift like a Pro.


Some Movie action.

2 thoughts on “Naish “Lift Foil Sail” Review.”

  1. Casey, I might have to give mine another try. I have the utmost respect for your skills on the water and follow a lot of your recommendations.

    However, while the Lift sail is everything you mentioned above, I found it gets a bit hard to handle if the wind comes up. For me personally, I was able to get a better wind range with the Flyer 2 cam foil sails.

    They are harder to rig, I use an adjustable outhaul to get the most out of them, and they are not as light as the Lift, but they handle both high and low winds really steady.

    I think a lot depends on the conditions. If the wind is light and stays light the Lift works really well. If the wind is light and it comes up for me the Lift started to be too much to handle.

    All that being said I might take out the Lift 5.7 again in the really light winds as I just started with the Naish 142 foil board and that board gets up on the foil so easy I could see using the 5.7 lift on the really light wind days. My 7.0 Flyer foil sail feels like it would be too large for that board, so the Lift 5.7 might be the right choice when the wind is really light.

    1. I think your Right on Bry. The Lift does not have a very big wind range due to them having very little rig tension. That is why I using them in the wind range I do. (5.7 in 6-12knts and the 4.7 in 10-20knts) and I use the 4.7 about 90% of the time, thinking about getting a 3.7 now too. The Lift is all about Low end get going power. I am also using the newer Gofoil’s which are freaken amazing. The Maliko 200 and 280 have crazy lift, making it so easy to fly. I am sure a lot more lift then your naish has. so you would have to take that in to account to.

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