I have some new tasting glasses and I plan on using them. Rum Quest Returns

A while back Michael asked us this question,

Why is the rum gone?

At the time I had no real good answer so I rushed a rum post to quiet the unruly horde and hoped to get back on board with rum quest, but I failed miserably. Life, work and lack of ambition got in the way I guess. It has been great fun tasting all the rums but it is sometimes a real challenge to come up with fresh ideas for posts and new ways of describing what I am tasting. Bottom line is sometimes you just need a break to refresh yourself. I am looking for a thesaurus to find new descriptive words and hope to adventure beyond the old rum quest template and find some new ways to begin the quest again.

One way to shake things up will be to ask for input from you, our drunken sailors, please fell free to request a review or write one of your own.

Rum Quest Wednesday will return.

Hope this video will hold you till then, Enjoy!

Some rum reviews to look forward too are;

Kirk and Sweeney

kirk-and-sweeney-12-year-rum[1]Plantation 20 year


Santa Teresa Selecto


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